Franchise with 3 Beans Coffee co

Step by Step....
Phase 1 - Business Plan

The first step to starting any type of small business is putting together a comprehensive business plan. A business plan is more than a proposal for funding. It’s a way to list out the steps that you’ll need to take to open your business. It’s also a great time to consider whether opening a coffee shop is truly right for you.

You may be wondering how much a coffee shop owner makes, to which there’s no broad answer. The amount you’ll be able to take home after balancing the rest of the budget depends significantly on how fast you’re able to attract a steady customer base, your break-even point with overhead, equipment costs, and payroll, and more. Generally, networking and social media marketing go a long way in kick-starting a business.

In a similar vein, you may be interested to know what your return on investment, or ROI, will be if you put the money into opening a coffee shop, and the answer is more complicated than you might like to hear. A coffee shop’s ROI has high potential because of the fast growth of the industry, but that doesn’t mean every venture will be a success. It takes hard work, careful oversight, and smart budgeting to maximize your ROI.

Starting a small business isn’t glamorous, and your margins will be tight for at least the first two years. However, with our help, you won’t be caught off guard by any of the costs associated with opening a coffee shop, which is a significant advantage.

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