Franchise with 3 Beans Coffee co

Step by Step....
Phase 2 - Finding and Developing a Venue

The cost of finding your perfect space depends on the location and size of your coffee shop, as well as the availability of space in your community. Here are some costs you’ll have to cover in the earliest stages of starting your new business:

The cost of renting or buying a commercial space. The lease for a shopfront in a sought-after area will improve your odds for early success but will increase rental costs.

The cost of paying utilities. While you set up in your new store, you’ll need to have the gas, electric, and water turned on, which will add to your opening expenses.

Renovation costs. It will take work to turn a blank-slate rental into a space that resembles a coffee shop, no matter what your decor you choose. You may have to pay for new light fixtures, cabinets, and decorations, as well as practical installations like fridges, freezers, and refrigerated display shelves. But with help we can spread the cost over a Lease Purchase deal. You Pay a monthly cost over a period to reduce your initial outlay and after the payment period the equipment is yours.