Franchise with 3 Beans Coffee co

If you find yourself in a daily habit of waiting for your morning coffee fix, you’re in the same boat as millions of other people worldwide on any given moment during the day.

When you’re considering the possibility of starting a food and beverage business, opening a coffee shop is an excellent option. Coffee shops are the fastest growing concept in the restaurant industry, clocking in at 7 percent growth per year as of 2012.

But as you well know, there’s more to starting a successful business than just having a concept in mind: there’s planning, development, and strategy involved, which translates to start-up costs coming at you from every direction.

So how much does it cost to open a coffee shop? The simple answer is between £90,000 and £250,000, if you choose to go with a Large Coffee Shop Chain. Size, services, equipment and other specific considerations will also vary from business to business.

With 3 Beans the initial cost is a Fraction of the above costs but will still depend on the Size & Location.

Starting a Small Business